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Image of the Month

All users of the Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Center are encouraged to participate in the Image of the Month contest. To participate, simply email an image that you took with one of the Center instruments to with a short description of what the sample is and how you have imaged it. Only two-dimensional images will be accepted (no 3D image stacks or time-lapse sequences). At the beginning of every month, a panel of experienced microscopists will select the best image and post it on this page.

April 2018

April Image of the Month

Andreas Nebenführ, BCMB

Kymograph of organelle movement in a root hair cell of Arabidopsis thaliana. Red: Golgi stacks (mCherry), Green: mitochondria (YFP), Blue: peroxisomes (CFP). Images captured with the Leica SP8 confocal instrument using resonant scanner and simultaneous image capture of all three channels. Vertical axis represents time (28 s total), horizontal axis is distance along root hair (90 µm total).

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