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Fee Structure

The Microscopy Center provides instrument access and assistance to various optical and epi-fluorescent microscopes and a scanning electron microscope. Users are charged based on the number of hours they use the instruments or services.

Instrument Use

Rates Internal Academic External
Service 1: Leica Confocal $40/hr $60/hr $100/hr
Service 2: Nikon E-600 Microscope $12/hr $20/hr $50/hr
Service 3: Asylum Research** $35/hr $53/hr $100/hr
Service 4: Nikon TIRF Microscope $35/hr $53/hr $100/hr
Service 5: Assistance/Analysis/Additional Training* $40/hr $60/hr $105.00
Service 6: Sample Processing $30/hr $45/hr $105/hr
*Assisted help is billed in addition to the regular instrument rate
**AC 160 or AC 240 Cantilevers only ($30 each)

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