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Optical Microscopy

Leica SP8 White Light Laser Confocal System

DMi8 with Adaptive Autofocus, Scanning Stage and Super Z Galvo
Objectives: 10x 0.3NA
25x 0.95NA Water Imm  2.5mm FWD
40x 1.1NA Motorized Correction Collar water imm
40x 0.85NA air with corr collar
40x 1.3NA oil
63x 1.4NA oil
Excitation: White Light Supercontinuum Laser (Wavelengths from 470nm – 670nm at 1nm intervals, 8 lines simultaneously)   
Argon Ion Laser (458nm, 476nm, 488nm, 496nm, 514nm)
Diode 405nm "UV" laser
Detection Leica Prism Based SP® Spectral Detection from 400-800nm w 1 nm Precision
3 HyD "Hybrid" Super Sensitivity SP Detectors
2 PMT SP Detectors

Confocal Imaging (All Spectral Detection Channels)
Excitation & Emission Lambda Scan
Tandem Scanner 8K – High Speed Imaging Point Scanner
Live Cell Imaging: Environmental Control, Scanning Stage, CO2
Superresolution Imaging with Lightning deconvolution
FRAP Application
FRAP with Resonant Scanner
FRET acceptor bleaching
FRET stimulated emission
Sequential Imaging
SP8 specs @ UT

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