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Optical Microscopy

Nikon Total Internal Reflection (TIRF) Imaging

The Nikon Ti is a fully automated optical microscope with bright field, phase contrast, DIC and standard wide field epi-fluorescence. In addition the microscope is capable of total internal reflection microscopy (TIRF).

Microscope: Nikon Ti. Fully Automated Microscope and Stage, Adaptive Autofocus

10x 0.45NA dry
20x 0.75NA multi-immersion
40x 1.3NA oil immersion
63x 1.49NA oil immersion (TIRF objective)
100x 1.3NA oil immersion

Imaging Capabilities:

Transmitted light: 

  • Bright field (all objectives)
  • Differential interference contract (20x, 40x, 63x & 100x)


  • Filters for DAPI, FITC, TRITC (all objectives)
  • Ca ratio imaging (10x, 40x, 63x & 100x)

Total Internal Reflection (TIRF):

  • Lasers lines and filters: 488nm, 514nm & 561nm (63x)    
Camera Photometric Quant EM CCD
Technologies The microscope is capable of total internal reflection microscopy (TIRF).


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