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High Pressure Freezer

Wohlwend HPF Compact 02

Wohlwend HPF Compact 02To examine the ultrastructure of biological materials in the transmission electron microscope the samples have to be fixed to preserve the structure. As an alternative to traditional procedures the Wohlwend HPF allows the investigator to cryo-fix the sample. In the HPF the sample temperature is rapidly reduced under high pressure to “vitrify” the sample. This technique preserves the cell structure without ice crystal formation.


  • Maximum operating pressure: 2970 bar (43,068 psi)
  • Cooling time 0 °C  to -100 °C: <10 ms
  • Electrically heated components, including specimen chamber controlled +/- 1°C
  • Freezing cycles per hour: 30
  • Patented Valve starts freezing process only after pressure of 2050 bar is reached

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